About the webinar

In this webinar we hear from Amanda Barnard, Systems Coordinator at Unitas Wholesale, the UK's largest wholesale services company, formed following the merge of two well established and leading buying groups (Todays Group and Landmark Wholesale Ltd).

Before Unitas implemented Enable, there was a small team manually processing the rebates using spreadsheets. Although these are easy to use, widely available and highly adaptable they can make data input slow and are prone to human error. Forecasting and reporting is slow and inaccurate. As a result, rebate thresholds and business opportunities are all too often missed.

Without a robust system in place Unitas knew they were potentially losing out on revenue but by solving these issues they could make sure that earned discounts were claimed correctly. Which is where Enable came in. Since 2012, Unitas has been working with Enable Rebate Management to help track, calculate and manage their rebates.

On this webinar, we discuss:

Amanda's role at Unitas Wholesale and her involvement in rebates

How rebates were managed and the problems that occurred

The desire to move to a Rebate Management System

The key business outcomes that Unitas found