The pandemic and the rise in cloud adoption have proven the need for organizations to deliver innovation more quickly and adapt applications dynamically than ever before to accelerate business outcomes. One of these applications organizations are dependent on is an ERP system. According to Gartner, “Enterprise resource planning applications (ERPs) have historically missed the mark in multiple ways. They have fallen short on the ability to plan, design and execute with real-time responsiveness".1 

Further to this, Gartner finds that "ERP suites often fail to provide industry-specific or differentiating functionality for various processes. For example, few ERP suites support merchandising for retailers, the contracting process for government or logistics management for manufacturing. The user experience (UX) of ERP suites often falls short of customer, employee and supplier expectations".1

Application leaders involved in their ERP strategy, should know that it requires constant engagement review and innovation. "ERP strategy is often thought of as a one-time strategic software purchase from a vendor without careful consideration of the ERP applications’ impact on the business objectives", according to Gartner.Therefore in order to deliver composable ERP, application leaders responsible for ERP strategy must change their strategies and approaches to people, processes and platforms in order to improve results.

In this report, Gartner highlights what application leaders managing ERP strategy must do to engage business leaders and deliver capabilities that enable the organization to survive and thrive.

1 Source: The Future of ERP Is Composable, published on 13 October 2020 by Tim Faith, Denis Torii, Paul Schenck

We are confident, that in this report, you’ll find:

The increasing adoption of cloud-software as a service (SaaS) ERP

How ERP is a strategy that requires constant engagement review and innovation.

How organizations can accelerate business outcomes by defining business capabilities

The strategy and approaches that application leaders must take in order to deliver composable ERP

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