Are you ready to collaborate better?

At Enable, we believe that if trading partners can nurture their relationships they can secure long term mutually beneficial partnerships. That’s why we have integrated a collaboration platform within our rebate management software.

This collaboration platform allows you to share your plans and deals with your trading partners by allowing them to view and interact with your trading plans, showing information from many sources in one place. Providing all of your trading partners with trading information in a standard way accessible in one central location makes managing agreements much easier and helps to facilitate common processes.

Let’s stop thinking about trading agreements as contracts to be fulfilled and think of them instead as mutually beneficial relationships to be improved on!

During this live webinar, we will discuss:

Why is collaboration a top priority in 2021

What are the benefits of collaboration

Benefits of developing strong partnerships

Best practices for leveraging a collaborative platform

About the host

Lauren Sidhu

Marketing Executive

Join us for our collaboration webinar

The live monthly webinar will be held on the following date and time: Wednesday, July 7 @ 11am EST / 8:00 am PST / 4pm BST

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